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Special Features

AZ STEEL ROOF is capable to produce the required Crimping.
  1. The curved, angle can be produced as per client requirement.
  2. The base material thickness will be from 0.30 to 0.60mm TCT.
  3. The zinc coating will be from Z90 to Z275.
  4. The temper is soft only i.e. min 250 mpa to max 350 mpa.
  5. The radius will be from 300 mm to 600 mm.


The crimped sheets are essential used for curved roofs as this crimped sheets are manufactured from normal trapezoidal profile sheet with required bending as per structure requirement.

This crimped sheets ensure joint less long bend sheets thus no chance of leakage from the bend portion.

Different types of Crimped profiled sheets were used

  1. Profile Ridge --Roof Cover
  2. Profile Canopy-- Gate Cover
  3. Profile NLC --Shade cover from Roof to Cladding
  4. Profile Curvature --Overlapping.

The different Crimping accessories were used at curved roofs, cover sheet on the window, etc.


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