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Vichtory vent installation instructions:

The following 8 steps summarise our recommended installation instructions for metal roofing. It is important to conform to the local safety standards. Full installation and assembly instructions are contained within the Vichtory vent box, or readily available from your authorized distributor



The Vichtory vent has 3 main sections – turbine, variable pitch throat and base. Also included are screws and clamps

Fitting the variable pitch throat

Fitting the variable pitch throat:

Fit the variable pitch throat to suit the pitch of the roof. Use a spirit level to ensure the final position is level



Ideally, the Vichtory vent should be as close as possible to the ridge line. Place the base on the roof with the top edge slipped under the ridge capping.

Fixing the variable pitch throat

Fixing the variable pitch throat:

Fix the damping clips supplied across the varipitch throat seam with either rivets or screws(not supplied), at apprx 90 degrees to each other

Cutting the hole

Cutting the hole:

Mark the proposed hole, using the base as a template. Once marked, vut the hole using appropriate metal roofing cutting tools.

Sealing & locking the variable pitch throat:

Sealing & locking the variable pitch throat:"

To ensure a water tight system, silicone seal all seams and joints from the inside of the variable pitch throat

Securing & dressing the flashing

Securing & dressing the flashing:

turn up the corrugations of the metal roof within the cut hole. Secure the flashing to the sheeting with self tapping screws, or rivets(minimum of 10 recommended). Once- complete, use a hammer to dress the flashing to the sheeting profile.

Fitting the turbine

Fitting the turbine":

Position the turbine head lining up the pre drilled holes in the brackets with those of the variable pitch throat. Fasten with screws provided. Finally silicone seal the outside seam of the varipitch and base (180 degrees nearest to the ridge capping)

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